PAYMENT METHODS is an online shop, equipped with a totally secure virtual payment system, guaranteed by accredited banks and international web page security systems.

You can select three payment methods:
– Virtual POS for secure payment.
– Cash on delivery: Payment at your home to the courier company. There is an additional cost for handling this cash, which is always charged directly by the courier company.
The commission is 2.5% of the total purchase, with a minimum of 2 euros plus VAT.
– Bank transfer: The shipment will be made effective when the deposit of the amount corresponding to the order is verified or when the proof of payment is received (you can send it to

The order will expire 5 days after the confirmation of the order if the payment is not made.
In the first case, our company does not store or have access at any time to your card details, as this is done directly in the bank’s virtual payment system.

We recommend you to ensure the confidentiality of your data at all times.

On the other hand, if you choose the cash on delivery option, you will not have to provide your bank details at any time, being at the time of delivery of the product when you proceed to pay, after accepting an extra charged by the courier company (2.5% of the amount of the order, with a minimum of 2€ plus VAT).

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