Visit Somereta (Montsant cricket)

Includes a walk through the vineyardscellar visit and wine tastingBarranc Negre, Barranc Blanc and FA206.
Price: 15€

Visit Fardatxo (Priorat lizard)

Includes a walk through the vineyardscellar visit and wine tastingFA104, FA206, FA112.
Price: 20€ (minimum 2 people for the tasting).

Visit Xoriguer (Kestrel)

Includes a walk through the vineyardscellar visit and wine tastingFA104 or FA206, FA112 and Coster de l’Ermita.
Price: 30€ (minimum 3 people for the tasting).

Our opening hours during the week are from 8:00 to 16:00 and the visits always will be under previous booking.

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