Coster de l'Ermita


Vintage: 2013
Grape Varieties: 100% Carignan
Ageing: 12 months in 90% new fine grained French oak barrels, 10% American oak.
Vinification: Delestage during fermentation.
Vineyard: Finca de Salanques (Escaladei)
Soil type: Llicorella (Decomposed slate)
Vine Age: 22 years


Ruby red color with hints of garnet and burgundy. On the nose initially, we find young wood, which with air transforms into more complex and spicy aromas. Then it gives way to a perfect balance between red fruit and the smoked nutty aromas typical of the wood. Broad complexity. Nice and character-friendly attack, which as you taste it becomes more and more round. For us, it is one of the highest representatives of our land, both for the varieties, and for the nuances it expresses.

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