capelleta i costerdelermita-masigneus

Mas Igneus La Capelleta& Coster de l’Ermita


Special lot consisting of 1 bottle of La Capelleta and 1 bottle of Coster de l’Ermita at a promotional price.
Now the Lot for a price of € 60 BEFORE € 69


Give yourself Mas Igneus. The organic wine of the Denomination of Origin Priorat reaches homes with a specially designed promotion so that you can taste a great wine at a very good price.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Teechnical Sheet La Capelleta

Technical Sheet D.O.Q
Vintage: 2018
Alcoholic strength (% vol.): 14
Acidity in tartaric: 5,3gr/l.
Grape varieties: 100% White Grenache


Acidité du tartre : 5,3gr/l.
Cépages : 100% Grenache blanc
Terroir: Llicorella
Vignes:21 ans


Technical Sheet Coster de l'Ermita

Vintage: 2013
Alcoholic strength (% vol.): 15%
Acidity in tartaric: 6,6gr/l.
Grape varieties: 100% Carignan