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wine tourism Mas Igneus Priorat
wine tourism mas igneus priorat-masigneus

lunch at mas igneus

You can reserve lunch at Mas Igneus for groups between 10 and 20 people. We have two options for you: An Argentinian barbeque experience or an authentic Paella experience. Please call for more information and details.

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The classic visit to Mas Igneus can be made every day from Monday to Friday from 15h to 16.00h and on Saturdays from 11h to 12.00h, with previous reservation. Minimum group size: 4 people.

Mas Igneus provides you a bespoke reception where we will acquire more information about your needs to tailor the experience to suit you. You will have a glass of very fresh white wine and we will tell you the history of our winery, the varieties that make up our wines and the natural environment that shapes it.

Once we are acquainted, we will walk through the vineyards, led by our incredibly knowledgeable guide, who will tell you about the peculiarities of organic farming and the winemaking process. This is a very unique and educational experience because organic farming follows a different ethos in comparison to other wineries.

We will then return to the winery, where we will provide a selection of wines tailored to your tastes. This will be accompanied by gastronomic samples of the area.

wine tourism mas igneus priorat-masigneus



The Wine Lover Visit Mas Igneus can be done every day from Monday to Sunday from 15h to 16.30h and on Saturdays from 11h to 12,30h, with previous reservation. Group of 4 people.

This visit, a little more technical than the Classic, consists of a small reception directly at the winery, where we will visit some of the varieties we produce, explaining the different types of grapes and their different production methods.

Once we get to know each other, we will walk around the facilities with our guide, who will explain the peculiarities of organic farming and the winemaking process.

Afterwards, we will arrive at the tasting room, where a selection of three wines will be waiting for us, adapted to your tastes, accompanied by a small gastronomic sample of the area.


wine tourism mas igneus priorat-masigneus


At the end of August and the beginning of September 2021, as every year, we prepare for the harvest. Mas Igneus opens its doors to the public so that you can experience a unique practice with thousands of years of history and tradition.

What do we recommend?

A hearty breakfast to get your energy up. You’ll need it for the god harvest, with a lot of strength to step on the grapes… that’s all you’ll need to enjoy a Harvest day at Mas Igneus!

Would you like to try? Once the grapes have been trodden on, we will invite you to do a tasting of our organic wines to complete your experience and understand what a true Fiesta is about!

The experience follows a truly invigorating format, combining extraordinary food, remarkable drinking, walking, harvesting of the grapes, traditional stomping and lastly enjoying the taste of the fruits of your labour.

wine tourism mas igneus priorat- masigneus


Events with friends, family, barbecues, excursions, food and wine pairings and workshops are some of the activities we can offer at the winery. We rent the space, adapting to your needs. Check availability, tell us what your proposal is and we will try to make it possible.

The perfect experience for wine lovers