Now it is very easy to buy Mas Igneus Priorat wines with the Wine Jump platform.

All you have to do is open the QR code and we will deliver the wines to your home, wherever you are.

Why is it better for you to buy our wines on WineJump?

Wine Jump manage all the bits and bobs that come with shipping, customs, duties and taxes. So for the first time you can buy wine at cellar door prices and have them shipped directly to you. There is no hassle, and no-markups, no matter the country you live in or where you buy the wines from.

When buying directly from Mas Igneus& WineJump you jump all the middlemen’s costs and margins that are otherwise added as a wine travels from the winemaker to your glass. You can see Mas Igneus estate page, and learn all about us, because at WineJump and us believe that all great wines come from great stories. With each purchase you will also support the hard work and tenacity of each estate.

Which countries does WineJump ship to?

Right now  with WineJump distributes to Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden and Austria

Wine Jump &Mas Igneus buy-masigneus

How you can do it?

It’s very easy, you just have to connect to the QR code that we present here and the sales portal of our online shop opens. You indicate your purchase order as in any online purchase, enter your shipping details and we will deliver it to your home.


If you desire it, don’t deny yourself, try it

Now it’s easier and almost the same price as in the shop, including transport costs.
See the price list according to the country you belong to in this link.

WineJump prices

Mas Igneus-Mas Igneus